Current Residency 

Enjoying a glorious week at the Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts 2nd annual Pentaculum. Artists in Textiles, Metals, Ceramics, 2D & Sign Painting gather for a week long residency. A great way to begin a new year! 

Work area
In progress, Fawn Series

Current Publication

Very excited to be featured in this book under the quilt and patch section, excerpt below:

"Colleen Toutant Merrill explores the quilt as cultural and historical artifact. Taking existing handmade quilts, she engages in revolutionary acts by removing sections, re-stitching, layering, inter weaving and leaving gaping open spaces. By then placing them as singular 'articles' in a fine art context we reconsider their role beyond domestic. The object is no longer useful so the value system changes. The artist inserts her own handiwork with the anonymous work of others, connecting the two across geography and time"

Find the book here:

Current exhibition: Caliker  

Solo exhibition at the Green Building Gallery in Louisville, KY

Current exhibition: International Textile Biennial

My first international show in Haacht, Belgium! 

Current exhibition: Female Icons & Identity 

Group show at the Green Building Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky 

Current exhibition: Construct

A nice mention for my current exhibition at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Current exhibition: sweet Home

I am pleased to be a part of this exhibition curated by my former professor, Dima Strakovsky. The show explores topics of domestic space, time, labor and practice. Come to the artist talk Friday, September 19th 5:30pm.

Installation Methods

The below work was most recently reviewed and criticized for its installation methods as a part of Maryland Federation for Arts' Fiber Options: Material Explorations exhibition curated by Aaron McIintosh. I have mixed feelings about the review, the author liked the work but found the installation methods to be unprofessional. This has always been a challenge with my fabric work; many do not like fabric to "hang" naturally and prefer some sort of framing or back support. I prefer to let fabric works hang naturally as did many fiber artists dating back to when samplers became popular in the early 1900's. What do you think? 

A perfect counter to this review was the Merit Award I received for the same work! A gentle reminder that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 

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